Franchise financing

You need money to start your own business; private capital. In the case of fit20 the total investment for a personal training studio is about NZ 150.000, depending on the size of the premises and any renovation costs. This amount also includes the starting fee, equipment and start-up costs.

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Low monthly costs

At fit20, you need about NZ 30.000 of private capital; preferably more. The remainder can be financed but the more you bring in, the less you will need to borrow and the lower your monthly expenses will be. The interest and repayments will be lower and that is of course beneficial because it means you will be earning money faster.

Proven trackrecord

We have good relations in the financial sector we are in a great position to support you with the financing process. Should you not have enough private capital at your disposal, we can look with you to see if, for instance, crowdfunding would be a good option for you. We help you with each step to reach your final goal and that is your own fit20 studio.

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