Step-by-step plan to open your own fit20 studio

    Obviously, you won’t be opening your fit20 studio tomorrow. There is a process to follow before then. To give you some understanding of the route you will be taking, we have illustrated the process in a number of steps. Depending on a number of external factors, such as finding the right location and getting any potential financing together, this process takes roughly three to six months.
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Independent business

    Tip: Don’t forget to enjoy the process. It is a period when there will be a lot going on and you will have plenty to deal with. It is a fun and educational time and it is your route to an independent business. That’s quite something! We accompany you every step of the way. Make sure you make use of our knowledge and expertise.

The step-by-step plan is as follows

    Once you have completed the form below, these steps follow:
    1. Initial phonecontact
    2. Introductory meeting
    3. Sign the confidentiality agreement
    4. Receive the commercial plan
    5. Second meeting
    6. Sign the preliminary contract
    7. Start the training course
    8. Look for premises
    9. Sign the franchise agreement
    10. Opening of your own fit20 studio
    If you want to take the first step to your own fit20 studio then leave your details and we will get back to you soon.
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