Where do you want to start a fit20 studio?

The first studio started in Nunspeet in 2009. Now, many years later, there are over 120 studios in the Netherlands. The first studio in New Zealand opened up in May 2018 on the North Shore of Auckland.We are looking to expand nationwide. Larger centers like Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, Dunedin and of course Auckland are good options. With our experience we know the criteria a top location must meet. If you have your eye on a location, ask us for advice.

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Ideal space

A fit20 studio doesn’t have to be in an A1 location. It’s possible of course but often not financially feasible. A studio can be located in an industrial zone or collective business premises. For the size, you need to consider 70-100 m2 and preferably with a separate waiting room, or the option to build one in an existing space. Furthermore, good accessibility is a bonus, and (free) parking spaces by the premises or in the direct vicinity is also helpful. A location with good visibility is also nice of course, because it gives you free advertising. Always ask about the options for installing signage. Some municipalities have strict rules, but we have discovered creative ways to flexibly deal with that.

Local network

    In relation to the size of the town/city, you should keep in mind a population of about 60-80.000, or a smaller municipality with a large coverage area. Larger cities are split up and you get exclusivity in a district or postal area. The better you know the area and the larger your network, the easier you will be able to do business.

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