Why a franchise?

fit20 is affiliated to the NFV, the Netherlands Franchise Association. They have a wonderful definition of franchising:

Franchising is a close form of collaboration between legally independent entrepreneurs, the franchise provider and the franchise owner, who use a common name and offer products and services with a uniform look and feel to customers.

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Strength in numbers

A franchise is a relatively safe way to do business. Of all starting entrepreneurs about 65% stop within three years. With franchise owners that percentage is only 15%, because, in most cases, franchising offers greater security.

When you become a franchise owner you choose to do business under an existing brand. Brands such as McDonald's, Subway, Bagels & Beans and The Coffee Club are a few good examples of franchise formulas. The advantage of a franchise is that you use the existing brand recognition and the experience within the franchise formula. The entrepreneur is independent and does business within the formula’s rules.

Flying start

A number of issues have been established in advance. Such as the logo and the slogan and in some cases even 99% of the working method. This can differ greatly per franchise formula. Some franchise formulas have almost everything set in stone, such as prices, marketing, presentation and logistics. Other formulas allow much more freedom and only the logo or trading name is decisive for the franchise formula.

fit20 is a full franchise. That means we have set down a lot of the ins and outs and have plenty of resources that franchise owners can use. Some of these things are compulsory, others voluntary. But if you are smart you will make use of what we offer. Why reinvent the wheel? Benefit from a flying start with support from the largest personal fitness franchise in the Netherlands. Don’t delay and request more information via the form.

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