fit20 Academy

To get started as a fit20 franchise owner you go through the fit20 training course. An extensive programm through which, in a time frame of 6 weeks, with 6 days of theory training in Auckland and a practical work placement in a fit20 studio, you are trained to become a fit20 franchise owner.

As a franchise owner you need expertise, and when you start up it’s nice to have a place where all the knowledge is collated and that you can always refer to when you need to be reminded how things work.

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Online learning environment

    The fit20 Academy has been set up to get you ready for owning a fit20 business. You are tested online about your knowledge of the fit20 training method that you can then put into practice during your work placement.

    Additionally, you also learn offline during the theory days at our office in Auckland about how we have designed the fit20 formula to make it as easy as possible for you as a business owner. For instance, about how we support you with administration and marketing, which systems we use and much much more.

    The course is completed with an exam, so you know that you are ready when the doors of your own fit20 studio open.


    Even after you have started your business you have access to the Academy so you can always keep your knowledge up to date. In a later stage you can also have individual training through the fit20 Academy. You are then assured you can maintain the quality of the training sessions, because satisfied clients is what it is all about.

    Furthermore, each year we organise Masterclasses in Auckland once a year, where you can expand your expertise. The more knowledge you have the stronger your story will be towards your clients.

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