I don't have a PT qualification is this a problem?

Not at all, you will receive full training with our International fit20 Academy. The most important thing is that you have a passion for helping people. And an interest in health and fitness. Our Franchisees come from very different

What support do I get?

From the first start after signing the Franchise papers we will help you with your location, the design of the studio, the website, your own learning via our fit20 International Academy and the marketing. Everything you need before you are opening your doors. We have done it before so know really well how long things take, what to do and how to get your first interested clients.

After you have started there you get support in all aspects of running your business, along with training for you, your Personal Trainers, the Marketing and coaching for support.

Can I come to try fit20 to understand more about the training system?

Yes, that is a really important and good step to take in your information gathering of becoming a Franchisee. The flagship studio is located in Rosedale, Auckland

When will I learn about the business numbers? As understanding the financials is crucial for me determining if I want to proceed further.

fit20 studios have outstanding economics and offer an exceptional business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn more about the profitability of a fit20 studio here

The first step when we get to know each other is during the first initial phone call. This takes about 15 minutes and will focus on eachothers backgrounds and your motivation and interest to reach out. As Franchising is a two way street and we don’t allow everyone into the team, it is important for both parties to get to know each other first.

In total there are 22 steps that we go through before you sign the Franchise agreement. The steps in the beginning are mostly focussed on information gathering. No obligations there at all. It is just spending time to see if this Franchise is for you. Once we both have established fit20 is a good fit for you we will look in much detail about the business side of things and the P and L.